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Who is "zero-project"?
"zero-project" is an artist who creates music. If you want to take a quick look at the philosophy behind this project, you can read the official brochure. If you want to take a quick look at the "zero-project" music, you can visit the samples page. If you want to learn more, you can continue reading this page.

How can I support "zero-project"?
If you like this effort and you want to support the artist, you can purchase a song or an album in high-quality audio, order the collector's edition of "Metamorphosis", or license a track for professional use. Also, you can send a direct payment through Paypal, make a donation through Paypal, or buy a coffee. Recommending this site to your best friends is a great support, too!

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6. Interviews and broadcasts

2016 November 25 Thermaikos' strainer - Broadcast and live interview by the Flying Spaghetti Monster
2016 November 1 Power song live - Broadcast by Dj Rocco and Dj Alex
2015 December 9 Be-Creative No. 9 - Webzine interview by Paolo Folzini
2014 February 27 The evening experience - Broadcast and live interview by George Chalkitis
2012 December 1 Greek Products Abroad - Web interview by Maria Hatzigeorgiadou
2011 December 17 Saturday night, so what? - Broadcast by Haris Aronis
2011 November 23 Web interview by Nadina Boun
2011 June 12 Sunday visitors - Broadcast and live interview by Haris Aronis
2011 January 20 Web interview on Gusli.su

7. Music in documentaries

Hubblecast and ESOcast episodes
2020 October 12 ESOcast 231 Light: Death by Spaghettification
2020 March 11 ESOcast 218: The Stranger Exoplanets
2015 December 10 Hubblecast 89: Edwin Powell Hubble
2013 December 17 Hubblecast 71: Visible echoes around RS Puppis
2013 November 14 Hubblecast 69: What has Hubble learned from star clusters?
2013 August 30 Hubblecast 68: The Hubble time machine
2012 June 5 ESOcast 44: Changing views - Special 50th anniversary episode #4
2012 January 17 Hubblecast 52: The death of stars
2012 January 16 ESOcast 40: When speed matters
2011 December 15 Hubblecast 51: Star-forming region S106
2011 December 14 ESOcast 39: A black hole's dinner is fast approaching
2011 October 25 Hubblecast 50: Questions and answers with Dr. J
2011 March 18 ESOcast 27: An ESO astronomer at work
2011 February 1 ESOcast 26: Life and leisure at Paranal
Extra link: "ESO Top 100 Images" on AppStore

Astronomy and science
2016 November 28 Documentary by Theofanis Matsopoulos: The hot and energetic universe

8. Press kit

Logos, wallpapers, and the official brochure