About Gallery
  This page does not have anything special to show you, basically. The equipment you see is the average one of a bedroom studio or a living room studio, in my case. If I want to be precise in the description, it is not even a studio. It took me several years to be able to upgrade my equipment. I am posting these photos to inspire you. To show you that just as there are reasons not to do something, perhaps because you do not have all the prerequisites, so there are reasons to start and build step by step what you dream of.   
  This is my first instrument, a melodica.   
  My first synthesizer was a Casio CT-680.   
  Intel Pentium III at 500 MHZ with Windows 98/ME: Music ideas were occasionally captured on this computer from 1999 to 2003.  
  The first workstation: An AMD PC with Windows XP. That's how "zero-project" started. (This chair was not at all comfortable).  
  The next workstation: An Intel i5 PC with Windows 7.  
  The same workstation was upgraded in both hardware (graphics card, 4K monitor and hard disks) and software (Windows 10 and Cubase Pro), while the audio equipment was replaced with Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 sound card, Studiologic SL 88 Studio midi keyboard and Yamaha HS-7 audio monitors. It is also important that a comfortable work chair was purchased (at last).