Music Albums Metamorphosis About
  "Sometimes you need to make a decision that could alter parts of your life. Or your entire life (1). You must be ready to choose the right path (2). It may seem scary to walk that path, but it is the one that will lead you back to innocence (3). When you reach your destination, you will finally see the light of truth (4). While you look back at your previous self you become wiser and stronger (5). The challenges (6) you will now face will no longer seem as difficult. Though illusions remain to trick you backwards (7) and temptations will try to seduce you (8), you will be able to see clearly (9) because it is the light that guides you (10). Throughout this life journey, secret paths (11) and new experiences are there to be discovered by you, and as you do, your strength to face future trials gets even stronger (12)."