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  "Untold stories of a dying moon" combines different styles of music. From ambient to darkwave and from piano music to electronic, keeps a sense based on moonlight-filled piano melodies. From the sentimental "The secret passion" to the dramatic "Into the darkness" and from the nocturnal "Moonlight No. 1" to the passionate "Romance", this album is a music trip among feelings which appear from the darkness and fulfill with colors our existence. But the main question is: "Can you see the colors into the darkness?"... The weak light of the moon can help you on finding your own answer. Search into your own darkness and you may find your own colors, your own feelings, because the darkness is the veil of feelings and colors. Feelings we have felt, or feelings which are waiting for us to feel them. If you want to read the story behind this album, you can read the related interview here. The song "Appassionata" was based on a poem by Lilian Bourani:
  "Old figure
which no longer fits
into this night.
Half of you is missing
and you are hiding your other half
behind the passers’ shadows.
So long has passed since I last
lit such a full moon
in order to make you desire of me".

"Σχήμα παλιό
που πια δεν σε χωρά
ετούτη η νύχτα.
Να λείπεις ο μισός
κι ο άλλος μισός να κρύβεσαι
στις σκιές των περαστικών.
Κι είχα καιρό ν’ ανάψω
τόση Πανσέληνο,
τόση Πανσέληνο,
για να μ’ επιθυμήσεις".