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Omega report
"An invasive species in the rising of its domination".
  "Omega report" is a semidocumentary about the consequences of the overuse of plastics. It was created as a submission to the annual short film competition "Cinespace" for the year 2020.

Synopsis: In the year 2060, the director of Plastic Pollution Global Observatory, Dr. Adrian Helmsley, writes the final report of the observatory, about the catastrophic consequences of pollution by plastics. Dr. Adrian Helmsley calls this report "Omega report". Our planet with the long history that took billions of years and countless resources for the creation and the evolution of life, in enormous numbers and forms, is about to lose the greatest parts of its existence. Humanity had done too little and too late to stop the catastrophic pollution by plastics although that some decades earlier, statistics and numbers, were the warning signs for the upcoming disaster.