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115. Zertt - 2010-09-14 16:01:32
Your music impressed me deeply.

114. nohonor - 2010-09-10 18:41:39
Thank you for sharing your amazing music!
--A fan from Bulgaria

113. K. - 2010-09-06 17:37:11

It has been a little while since I listen to your music and I just want to say a simple thank you for using and sharing your talent as you do. And please, never stop. Your "Desabled Emotions Suites", your "Automn Prelude" as well as all your compositions are really great, inspiring and full of hope. Thank you again, dear musician.

A French fan.

112. Easwar - 2010-09-05 21:49:53
Found you on Jamendo. Pity I played your Ambient Symphony playlist first in Totem (Linux player) where the continuity couldn’t be maintained because of lack of crossfading. Downloaded the same. Rest assured I’m recommending this to all my friends.

111. Will - 2010-09-02 00:19:08
This music is great. I can’t say much more than that.

110. zetaz - 2010-08-30 21:26:14
your music is fantastic....
Thank you
A french fan

109. Daniel - 2010-08-30 16:15:38
I like your music and the way you offering it in the world.
as someone told some post ago; Now you got a german fan ;-)

108. bronsyxan - 2010-08-03 14:31:03
Just want to say what lovely songs you write and produce. We are planning to use one of your songs in a short film which we are working on right now. Of course, we will refer to your website that you have created the music.

Thank you for sharing


107. Donald Serrot - 2010-07-20 02:53:44
I just wanted to say I love your music! I used some of it in a recent YouTube video of mine and like to make sure I let the artists know when I do. I also made sure to give credit and linked back to your site. Keep on making this great music and thank you for making it free to use! It makes my videos sound so much better. ;D

106. - 2010-07-17 04:54:21
your music is really beatiful... now you have a mexican fan.

105. IO - 2010-07-11 01:17:26
... more I listen to your song, the more I dive into the infinite...

104. John Lawson - 2010-07-05 23:52:04
Hey, I just wanna let you know that I really love your music ;)
Keep it up and many thanks

103. Melly - 2010-07-05 22:45:34
Hi Nikos !

I see I forgot to write something here.
I said you a day that I’ll tell you what I think about your music and I think it’s the good place and the good moment to tell you why I love it and why it’s so important for me.

I discovered it on a forum and then I found your site. How can I tell you exactly what I felt ... You know I tell always what I think ... Your music makes me dream, I can escape from my thoughts or my problems. It has been really important for me last year, I had Cancer and I listened your music to stay calm when I was at the hospital. Sometimes, I had the impression your music is alive, it’s difficult to explain... You helped me without knowing it by your music and for that, I only say you ; thank you.
Thank you for all that, for the last year, for the beautiful music you compose, for the emotions you give to your songs, for your kindness. I’m happy to know you and I like talking with you.

Continue to compose, you are really talented !

And me, I’m going to continue to love your music ...

Maybe one day I would visit Greece and Thasos Island with this beach (paradise) which made me dream ! ;)

Kiss, Melly

102. Moine Sasana - 2010-07-05 09:36:16
Hi guys!

I made a short film that you can watch on Vimeo and I chose Disabled Emotions for the official soundtrack. There it is (this is no spam shit);

Thanks for your work.

101. Bayush - 2010-07-05 04:47:18

Great work, you have some french fan now!

100. Iurie - 2010-07-03 15:17:49
Hi, I saw you provide your music also in Ogg Vorbis format. I congratulate you! I’ve put your "Earth" albume cover on my blog.;)

99. mailedi - 2010-07-02 23:54:40
I like very nuch your point of view on "Infinity"...
Beautiful song... fantastic video... a lot of positive energy!!!
Thank you... Zero-project ;)

98. mailedi - 2010-06-27 16:42:37
A taste of infinity... ;)
A new song or a new album?
Thanks for all your music...

97. Felix - 2010-06-25 10:21:16
Great music, thanks a lot

96. John Novotny - 2010-06-22 04:34:37
Thanks for the gift of you music.

95. mailedi - 2010-06-13 17:23:37
Hello!!! ;)
No video for Keep flying?

And now again... Thank you for your music!!!

94. Rona - 2010-06-12 10:45:05
Hello, I have used some tracks from your latest album Fairytale to show my art on Youtube. Of course I have given you the credits and put the url of your website in the comment with the video. You can watch the video here;
Please let me know if you find this okey, if not, I will take the video away.
Greetings, Rona.

93. Iurie - 2010-06-04 11:09:48
Hello! Today I first time listened your album "Earth" - is very nice. I wanted to download audio album from your site, but it is compressed in non-free format RAR. I use free software operational system GNU/Linux and I cannot decompress and listen your album. It would be nice if you’ll compress in a format accessible for everyone. Please, compress in ZIP or TAR format.
Thank you!

92. Luke - 2010-06-03 23:14:29
quite cool songs! I like them!
Greets from Germany ;)

91. Petra Friedrich - 2010-05-31 15:13:54
I just wanted to say that you are really creating works (and words) of art. We would need more people who are as creative and as spiritual in the music business, well and in most other businesses as well. Me, too, I had been searching for a music that suits with my homepages and the only ones I found were by zero project. Acutally, my site about the angels will only be ready within some days!
Best regards to everyone! Always remember you have a guardian angels just a breath away from you. He guards you and protects you and gives you hints as how to get on well in your personal development. Just give it a little thanks every now and then and you will discover a great friend!

90. Matt Bajoras - 2010-05-28 07:38:36
I was searching the internet for a song that I could *legally* use as background music in a sunset time lapse that I did. None of the songs seemed to fit well until I found your song, Millennium Sunset. If you want to see the video, it’s at

Thank you for making awesome music that is also able to be used in so many creative ways other than just listening to it.

89. Kim - 2010-05-24 09:07:57
Absolutely amazing!

Great work ;)

88. Alcuinus - 2010-05-19 00:12:47
I too wish to express my appreciation for your music. Please continue making more! ;)

87. sandeep - 2010-05-16 08:53:49
Thanks ;-)

86. SoundCell - 2010-05-11 17:51:29
I really enjoy your music!
Found you on

85. Inna - 2010-05-09 12:05:42
Thank you. It΄s beautiful.

84. Angel - 2010-05-03 22:10:13
1000 Gracias!

83. peecee - 2010-05-03 17:04:42
Hi! I really love your music. Continue like this!!!


82. David Cochran - 2010-04-29 16:26:22
Thank you so much for the gift you gave the world by creating the Zero Project. Music is about 1/3 the experience of a movie. Here I was able to use one of your productions in a movie I created called, Images of Tuscany. Without your music, the viewers experience would have been less of an experience... I gave you full credit in the movie. Thank you so much... Regards, David Cochran, DE, USA Imahes of Tuscany;

81. Marcus - 2010-04-27 00:16:14
Hi Nikos,

I enjoy your music very much and I multiplexed two tracks of the great album earth to a mandala-animation of me...

Hope it is ok for you and you like this too



80. accel - 2010-04-24 10:12:25
I really like your song. They’re so beautiful.
Thank you very much for these lovely songs.

79. china - 2010-04-19 08:56:46
Thank you very much !

78. idol - 2010-04-18 21:36:50
Brilliant music, thank you for sharing.

77. Khalil Klaervahl - 2010-04-06 10:45:32
Please keep up the great job.
Your songs gently walk next to my long hours lectures.
Then I am traveling through my thoughts and my senses.


76. mailedi - 2010-04-06 00:27:06
Oooh...!!! I didn’t think so great a surprise . ....
I’m very happy ... Thank you ... ;)

75. Pierre PERGET - 2010-03-31 21:18:35
When you love music, it’s good to find THE music you love.

74. Jakob - 2010-03-30 02:14:04

your music is simply fantastic! I just can’t stop listening.

I hope you will keep up the great work =D

73. mailedi - 2010-03-28 17:03:58
Thank... you ;)

72. Kazeto - 2010-03-26 18:32:14
I’d just like to say that the music you are creating is splendid, and I can listen to it without end.

71. Nacho Lσpez - 2010-03-23 16:14:13
Congratulations! I’m from Spain and I have to say you that we have a groups of fans that we love you!

70. mailedi - 2010-03-22 20:01:51
Every time I listen to your music I feel the need... to whisper you... thanks...
I don’t do it for not to bother you!!! ;)

69. Jose Ramon - 2010-03-22 16:18:05
Congratulations. My favourite music to relax and sleep my 20 minutes "siesta". Thanks for your music

68. Tollex Productions - 2010-03-18 23:36:03

My name is Yazmine, I am the director and leader of a group called Tollex Productions. Thank you so much for your music, we will be using songs from your collection in our movie, though I honestly can’t offer you anything in return for your kindness now.

Thank you.

67. I’m a fann - 2010-03-17 21:42:32
(from portugal)

66. hasekatze - 2010-03-12 11:54:08
princess of my heart is so amazing !

65. hasekatze - 2010-03-12 11:49:31
amazing !!!!

64. mailedi - 2010-03-12 02:22:39
Sorry ... I was a day ahead...

63. mailedi - 2010-03-12 02:18:20
Morning or evening? ;)

62. Vincent - 2010-03-11 18:07:26
Fabulous, when are you coming in France

Thank you for your job!

61. moonfood - 2010-03-11 14:34:43

60. Romano - 2010-03-09 18:05:56
Nice music! Thanks!

59. Paul Timpanaro - 2010-03-07 19:59:10
A friend gave me ZP url and straightaway I added it to my favourites.

Great music.
I also like very much how the website looks.

58. Nokola - 2010-03-07 10:48:46
WOW!!! amazing music!!! genius...great job, keep posting.
The world needs more people like you! ;)

57. Gφran Frilund - 2010-03-03 19:21:41
I found your Fairytale-album on Jambdo. It’s excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone. Good show!

56. mailedi - 2010-03-03 18:40:08
I’m waiting... the next... ;)

55. zlauncher - 2010-03-01 10:14:44
Just found your music on Jamendo breath taking and beautiful.
Thank you for sharing it with us mere mortals.

54. morpher - 2010-02-26 23:36:01
Thank you. That’s perfect.

53. Athmo - 2010-02-24 21:40:20
WOW! Great music. Thank you for sharing your hard work and creativity.

Hint; take a look at the Morphestra VSTi, a very useful synth for this style (if you didn’t already use it).

52. Sam - 2010-02-24 07:57:24
I couldn’t tell the difference between you and a musical genius...
Greetings from Vancouver

51. agaly - 2010-02-02 04:20:46
Congrats on the new release!

50. agaly - 2010-02-01 22:54:34

49. Ryan - 2010-02-01 15:59:32
Downloaded your Ambient Symphony album what a great art you have would love to hear more of this kind of music

48. Rita - 2010-02-01 15:37:26
Just beautiful!!! that’s all I can say.
Thank you.

47. Rob - 2010-01-27 13:55:55
Just found your music. WOW
I am hooked and you have made the drive to work seem to short now!
Thank you and please contiue this amazing work!

46. mailedi - 2010-01-26 02:36:47
The 1st of February I’ll be here!!!!
Bye Nikos ;-)

45. Ionas Politakis - 2010-01-17 00:14:30
An excellent cooperation that is an honor for me. The wonderful music, of one of the best amateurs (for now) musicians in Greece (and beyond), to be composed with my lyrics with a surprising result.
Best regards
Ionas Politakis

44. JBAnastasia - 2010-01-14 14:32:30
!!!! Εκλεπτυσμενες δημιουργιες!!!
Πολυ καλο το "Σου το Υπογραφω".
Η "Σκονη" .... απο ΤΑ καλυτερα σου!!! Η συνεργασια σου με τον κο. Πολιτακη αψογη!!
Συγχαρητηρια για την λεπτομερεια και την αξια των δημιουργιων σου!

Με εκτιμηση

43. RC - 2010-01-13 00:08:04
Thanks Nikos for all those musics full of emotions and sensitivity.
Greetings from planet earth ;)

42. Bahtiyar - 2010-01-08 22:42:31
i have put NEVERENDING DREAM to youtube. Check it out

41. Selcuk - 2010-01-07 19:37:36
Thanks for great lovely sounds

Greetings from Istanbul TURKEY the city of love ;)

40. Bahtiyar - 2010-01-07 19:10:25
Hello Guys,

Thank you very much for touchy and wonderful melodies. Keep up great work! Lots of greetings from Istanbul....

39. djipi le grand gourou - 2010-01-07 13:20:57
great music thanx a lot to share it with us

38. mailedi - 2010-01-06 12:45:19
Hi Nikos. I thank Besonic that allowed me to hear your music ... and thanks to you for having shared your music.
Have a nice day ;)

37. mailedi - 2010-01-04 23:38:47
Ciao Nikos. Where can I find the lyrics? But there’s a problem ... I don’t know the greek language... ;(
Thank you so muHappy new year

36. littlelight - 2010-01-03 04:33:25
Your a fantastic composer. Great music! Wow!
Thank you so much.

35. Billyboy - 2009-12-29 23:56:21
The most beautiful, emotive music that just swallows you up. Fabulous and thankyou for creating it..

34. saniismail - 2009-12-25 19:10:33
i like all your music genre....from orchestra to darkwave. i hope i will meet you personally. thank for the great music you made. god bless you.

33. Coriandolo-Daniela - 2009-10-21 02:11:06
Ciao Nikos
Sometimes landing on your site to listen to some music.
I heard "Rain Song" and I got some ideas. Unfortunately, or fortunately, no rain here yet, but sooner or later it will rain here too, so I start hunting for pictures.;o)

32. Luciana S. - 2009-10-10 03:08:08
Congratulations for your job.I enjoyed a lot your work.I didn’t listen everything yet, but I loved the disable emotion suite 1. And I’d like to have the partiture to play in the piano.Can I have it?
Thanks for sharing with us your music.
Keep flying away!

31. Bart - 2009-10-09 18:15:38
I got a YouTube link and one of your pieces, Rain Song, from Autumn Prelude, was used and credited. The music totally captured the feeling of the video, but more importantly, captured my heart and imagination. I had already tried the iPhone App, Shazam, to find out what that awesome music was, to no avail. Thank goodness there was a credit, and I was able to follow to your site, and, for that matter, jamendo. I am in ecstasy, in tears, listening to your incredible music. Thank-you.

30. David Green - 2009-10-09 02:12:00
Wow! I’m so glad I stumbled upon this website. I simply love what i’m hearing.........
Thank you Thank you Thank you!

29. Ίωνας Πολιτάκης - 2009-09-24 16:36:30
Φίλε σε ευχαριστώ για την υπέροχη μουσική.
Πατριώτη, σε ευχαριστώ που μας κάνεις υπερήφανους.

28. JBAnastasia - 2009-08-31 15:16:35
Θα ηθελα να εκφρασω τις ευχαριστιες μου προς εσενα, μεσα απο τον υπεροχο μουσικο τουτο δικο σου χωρο, που καθως παρακαλουθω εξελισεις με μερακι και μοναδικη μουσικη μαεστρια!
Η μουσικη σου πορεια ειναι αδιαμφισβητητα εξαιρετκη και αναμφιβολα εκφραστικη! Η δημιουργιες σου δουλεμενες στη λεπτομερεια τους!
Εγω θα ηθελα να ευχαριστησω ειλικρινα και ταπεινα για τις σπουδαιες συνεργασιες μας στα μουσικα δρωμενα. Οπως επισης και τον Δημητρη Παπαγεωργιου για το μοναδικη φωνη του. Δινεται ο καθενας σας με την δικη του ψυχη ζωη στα στιχακια μου!

Με εκτιμηση και θαυμασμο

27. Difox - 2009-08-30 00:28:51
Thankyou so much for the amazing music, being a mucician my self, I can truely say that you have something special here. Ive looked for something like this for a long time...

26. Janet - 2009-08-24 08:48:27
Thank you for creating such beautiful, beautiful music. I stumbled upon it the first time last year when admiring photography work by Ken Mucke to which one of your music works was attached. That piece was called "Escape" but I cannot find it now on your site. Is it still available? I hope so because it is really hypnotic - I could listen to it for hours. Thank you again.

25. J Travis - 2009-08-08 16:24:24
Heartily agreed; absolutely awe-inspiring!

24. M and J Travis - 2009-08-07 07:27:57
Two new awestruck fans in Phoenix, Arizona. Absolutely magnificent. This is music to be listened to under the stars, with the wind on your hair, a glass of wine in your hand, and the feeling of being utterly alive.

23. Dallas,Texas - 2009-07-30 06:10:54
Unbelievable. Your works are indescribable. Thank you.

22. JBAnastasia - 2009-05-18 13:45:13
My friend... Just Perfect!!!
Eden...Land of legends...!!!!!!!!!
lux Aeterna!!! That’s God’s music!!!!


21. mailedi - 2009-05-17 23:49:14
Thank you very much for your fantastic gift... your music! ;-)

20. myself - 2009-05-17 14:27:21
Bravo from France, continue.

19. linda - 2009-04-29 17:34:41
your music is beautiful! thank you for such beautiful work...the rain song and the warrior song... i love so much!

18. - 2009-04-10 02:00:20
Grazie per la tua fantastica musica!

17. Levent Mollamustafaoglu - 2009-03-11 00:58:36
Pretty amazing and moving music! I think you should sreiously think of an album! Best regards.

16. JBAnastasia - 2009-03-10 09:53:45
You have made supremacy work in the songs!!
I thank you for everything!!
My best wishes to you and to your music creations!!

Best Regards

15. s - 2009-03-04 22:43:57
wow ich bin von den alben begeistert, mach bitte noch viel musik fόr uns


14. Willied - 2009-02-28 18:45:33
Invigorates the deepest emotions of ones’ soul.

13. Μαρίνα Καρυοφυλλάκη - 2009-02-23 12:32:00

12. Katerina - 2009-02-04 03:28:28
Just amazing...!!!

11. JBAnastasia - 2009-01-28 23:39:02
Dear Nick,

Nocturne... under the same moon... with a touch of serenity...
No further commnets by me...
There’s only music to our souls...
Many many thanks for all this...

10. mailedi - 2009-01-04 22:39:41
Thanks... thanks... thanks... Your music is fantastic!!! ;)

9. P. Loutraris - 2009-01-03 02:24:33
I am lost for words... Still ecstatic! A trillion thanks.

8. JB - 2008-12-06 23:28:44
My friend your music is always a step forward!!
Congratulations! for the "keep flying"! music.

regards! ;)

7. Tannia - 2008-12-02 04:43:32
I downloaded your music from and I love it! Thanks for making it available.

6. Diane from Oregon, USA - 2008-12-02 02:46:53
Just found you ... or did you find me? ;-) Lovely, lovely, lovely music! So glad new pieces are still finding their way into the world. Thank you! Diane

5. JB - 2008-11-05 00:27:43
Dear Nick,

The "Princess of your heart" is marvelous!!
...but does your Princess know how lucky is she?

;) Keep on flying!!!

4. juanchotarros - 2008-10-13 18:17:55
hey from Colombia, great job, my friends will know about this nice link.

3. DWP - 2008-09-28 01:34:06

2. Anastasia JB - 2008-09-20 21:46:48
My beloved friend I greet!!
it should I say to you that your music is revelation!!!
As long as you feel...and as long as you feel you compose also we enjoy your splendid travels with or without our belts tied up.!!!
I wiss you a lot of creations!!!
Keep on .... flying!!!!
With estimate and respect

1. zero-project - 2008-09-04 12:22:56
Feel free to write your opinion about this site!..