The status page is being updated as new content is added to the website. The titles are sorted in alphabetical order. Their status is indicated with different icons, as shown below:

Will be updated: The content of the page is planned to be updated.
In update progress: The content of the page is currently being updated.
Updated: All content on the page has been updated (sound files, music store availability, links and information).
Upcoming: New release on the way.
New: New release.
Not available: There is no content at the moment due to canceled or paused projects.


Ambient symphony: Updated
Autumn prelude: Will be updated
Disabled emotions: Will be updated
Earth: Will be updated
e-world: Updated
Fairytale: In update progress
Fairytale 2: Will be updated
Fairytale 2 - The orchestral expansion: Will be updated
Metamorphosis: Updated
The rain song: Updated
Untold stories of a dying moon: Updated


Loves... Demons... Deaths...: Updated
Tears to oblivion: Updated
The Fairy of Mani: Updated


Autumn leaves: Upcoming
Darkness falls: Updated
Die achte Sünde: Updated
Free yourself: Updated
Higher: Updated
Ilotana: Updated
Omega report: New
Pandora's dream: Updated
Santorini: Updated
Summer breeze: New
The mind trap: New
Through the looking glass: Updated
To the end of the world: Updated


Ad lucem: New
Adagio No. 1: Not available
Adagio No. 2:
Not available
Adagio No. 3:
Not available
Agnus Dei: Updated
Andromeda: Updated
Ashes: Updated
Baby steps: New
Blue: Updated
Celtic dream: Updated
Come to me: Updated
Dawn of a new era (extended version): New
Daydream: Updated
Dreaming of you: Will be updated
Dream keeper: Will be updated
Echoes (alternative version): New
Eden: Updated
Escape: Will be updated
Ethereal interlude: In update progress
Evening whispers: Updated
Fallen angels: Updated
First dawn of spring:
Not available
Fly away: Updated
Fooled by angel's kiss: Updated
Grab the light: Updated
I ensure you: Updated
I just closed my eyes: Updated
Infinity: Updated
Irish wedding:
Not available
Keep flying:
Not available
La luna: Will be updated
Not available
Land of legends: Updated
La luce che ti cambia: New
Las luces ya se han apagado: Updated
Long ways: New
Looking for you: Updated
Lost kingdom:
Not available
Love is breathing: Updated
Mirror of souls: Updated
Missing: Updated
Moonlight requiem: Updated
On your waving hair: Updated
Prayer: In update progress
Promises: Will be updated
Rainbow: New
Red moon: Updated
Sarabande: Updated
Senses: New
Shades of purple: New
Slow motion: Updated
So many lonely nights: Updated
Some nights: Updated
Songs: Will be updated
Space traveler:
Not available
Stuff: Will be updated
Sulla pelle umida: Updated
Summer moments: Updated
The entrance: Updated
The Great Spirit: Updated
The lounge conspiracy: Updated
The mafia: Updated
Touch of serenity: Updated
Waltz No. 1:
Not available
Warrior's honor: Updated
Wild time: Updated
Whispering Iceland: New
Woman: Updated